Gentle Grip Socks – Pressure Free Socks

Having the latest fashion trends in your store is essential to attract new and existing customers. But besides offering your customers what they want or desire, it’s also extremely important to offer them what they need.

Pressure free socks (or gentle grip socks) are just one example of the only type of sock that some of your customers may ever wear, usually linked with health reasons.

Gentle Grip Socks

We know that, as a retailer, you may have some customers who buy socks simply for its functional purpose, while others may see them as a fashion statement and a way of expressing who they are. For these customers, you can stock up a variety of brands, styles and colours to cover everyone’s needs and taste.

However, you must also take into consideration those customers who may be looking for socks with specific features, such as pressure free socks that provide all day comfort.

Here at Osan we have available a range of socks with a pressure free honeycomb weave cuff, also known as gentle grip socks. The cuff on these socks holds without causing any constriction or marking, making them kind to legs and ideal to be worn all day.

This is the type of sock that is beneficial for people who suffer from swollen legs or have poor blood circulation and diabetes, giving them extra comfort during long days of wear. Pringle and Glenmuir are just two of our brands that offer a range of gentle grip socks for both men and ladies.

Pringle and Glenmuir Gentle Grip Socks


Would you like to find out more about our current range of gentle grip socks and the different brands available? Speak to your sales representative today, who will be able to help you find the products you need.

You can also visit our B2B website to browse our collections and book your next delivery. If you don’t have a trading account with us yet, you can request one by clicking here. Otherwise, you can contact our team on 01270 502 860 to find out how we could supply you with the best quality products.

GlenmuirPringlePublished on 20.3.2019

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