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Launched in 2021, TORE (TOtally REcycled) was created out of frustration towards the industry and also ourselves – our aim is to debunk the myth that fashion needs to be dirty. We have strived to develop the world’s first 100% recycled sock, creating an eco-friendly sock that tackles the industry problem of excess textile wastage and water consumption.

Designed in the UK by our close-knit team, we pushed ourselves to make a sock that was even better in quality than our current production lines. The main challenge we encountered was sourcing recycled materials that retained the same quality and features as the original but we think we cracked it.

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TORE Collection

The TORE collection offers a range of high quality, comfortable and durable socks made from 100% recycled materials, featuring a universal style to appeal equally to all adults.

The first sock of its kind, every single element is made up of recycled materials, from the packaging to the product itself. The 100% recycled TORE socks are made using non harmful dyes.

Speak to your sales representative today to find out more about the current range of TORE socks or contact our team on 01270 502 860 to find out how we could supply you with this eco-friendly range. You can also visit the TORE website to learn more about the brand.

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