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About Pringle

Pringle Story

Pringle of Scotland is one of the most innovative and iconic knitwear brands in the world. Founded in 1815 by Robert Pringle as manufacturers of knitted hosiery, the brand embraced decades later the creation of knitted outerwear and invented the term ‘knitwear’ to describe its collections.

With over 200 years of heritage in tradition and relying strongly on product quality and design, Pringle has been credited with creating the Intarsia Argyle design, which was quickly adopted by the Duke of Windsor in the 1920s.

Pringle argyle socks
Pringle men's trainer socks

Pringle Collection

The Pringle socks and underwear collections offer high quality materials and exceptional designs.

Our luxurious brand, Pringle Black Label, embodies the heart of Pringle’s heritage and it only incorporates exquisite materials like cashmere, sea island cotton and bamboo.

Osan has also developed Pringle White Label, an affordable range which features high quality, well designed socks and underwear at affordable prices that are the envy of the trade.


Black Label

By sourcing only the finest materials such as cashmere, sea island cotton and bamboo, the Pringle Black Label collection for both men and ladies celebrates design through mastering shape, colour, pattern and texture.

The fashion sock collection is made from bamboo yarn, a super soft and vibrant yarn which enhances the classic yet fashionable designs. It gives a luxurious feel and it is ideal for sensitive or allergy prone skin.

The 100% cashmere sock is the most luxurious piece in the Pringle sock collection. Made famous by Pringle, cashmere remains one of the most iconic and well loved fibres around the world.

A 3D cable knit design reflects the classic knitwear from the brand’s collections. The ultimate accessory to the Pringle brand.

Pringle Men's Socks Black LabelPringle Men's Underwear Black Label


White Label

With the coming together of beautiful design and intricate quality, the Pringle White Label collections for both men and ladies successfully incorporate the classic designs of Pringle with the modern era.

And whether you choose classic plain socks, signature argyles or bright fashionable jacquards, with Pringle you are always picking quality.

Pringle men's underwearPringle ladies' pop socks

Pringle News

Learn more about the Pringle socks and underwear collection. Visit the Pringle blog archive by clicking here to find all the latest news and browse the Pringle press coverage section by clicking here.

Pringle trainer socks and ped socks

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