Lulu Guinness Ladies's Socks
Lulu Guinness

About Lulu Guinness

Lulu Guinness Story

Lulu Guinness have been creating iconic women’s fashion accessories since the design of their first bag in 1989, with the intention of being unconventional and push boundaries.

Lulu’s approval and praise from leading fashion industry figures paved the way for the brand to grow and open stores worldwide, also creating opportunities to sell its products on the world’s most prestigious department stores.

Lulu Guinness Socks
Lulu Guinness Socks

Lulu Guinness Collection

Osan has acquired in 2018 the license for socks for this well-loved British fashion brand. The launch of the Lulu Guinness sock collection incorporates famous iconic designs such as the red lip and the black and white stripe.

Lulu Guinness News

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Lulu Guinness Ladies's Socks

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