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About Glenmuir

Glenmuir Story

Since 1891, when the very first consignment of the argyle golf hosiery left the Lanark factory on a horse-drawn cart, Glenmuir continues to maintain the superlative standards and attention to detail for which they have become internationally recognised.

The hosiery collection is no different; Osan tries to reflect the sports element of the brand through the men’s and ladies’ range, using innovative and extraordinary materials to highlight this.

Glenmuir ladies' trainer socks
Glenmuir men's striped socks

Glenmuir Collection

Glenmuir socks are a vibrant and eye-catching collection made from amazing bamboo yarn. The brand brings together functionality and style, also providing a winter collection of unique and stylish boot socks, enhanced with merino wool for extra warmth.

Despite the high quality and design of the products, Osan still manages to keep the collection extremely affordable.

Glenmuir Men's Socks

Glenmuir News

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