About Osan

The name behind the brands

Since being granted licences for socks and underwear for Pringle of Scotland (in 1993), Jeff Banks (2000) and Glenmuir (2013), Osan has forged ahead in the UK and it has now become one of the leading suppliers and distributors of wholesale socks and underwear to some of the foremost retailers in the UK and worldwide.

Glenmuir Men's Socks and Underwear
WildFeet Unicorn Socks

In 2016, Osan and its sister company SockShop joined forces and introduced their own brand to the market – SockShop WildFeet – helping Osan to continue paving its way in the industry.

2018 has marked another step into Osan’s triumph as one of the leading socks and underwear suppliers in the UK – this was the year that the company acquired licenses for socks for the popular British brand Lulu Guinness.

Our aim to be the pre-eminent branded hosiery company in the UK is well on track, with other exciting licensing opportunities opening up.

Lulu Guinness Socks

What drives us

Our commitment to total quality remains fundamental to our success, not only to quality of product but also of design and service.

Osan is driven by the belief in, and commitment to excellence in customer service and a policy of always putting the customer’s requirements at the heart of everything.

Our business philosophy encompasses the well-being of suppliers, stakeholders and the environment and we also operate a formal policy against child labour.

Ruia Group

Osan is part of the Ruia Group, whose activities cover the supply and distribution of household textiles and hosiery to leading retailers and hospitality organisations in the UK and throughout the world.

The Ruia Group is a family controlled organisation and operates according to the principles that any family will recognise – trust and honesty with suppliers and customers, open communication and a commitment to developing staff.

The Ruia Group is currently an active member of the ETI organisation, which is an alliance of companies who are committed to improve the lives of poor and vulnerable workers across the globe through their own practice.

Ethical Trading Initiative

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